Vert Attack 2017: Pro-Tec Opening Session

Vert Attack 2017 officially opened last night at Bryggeriet Skatepark, Malmo and it went off! There were 4 prizes to be won in all, with the judges looking for the highest air, longest FS Invert stall, the “Freak Award” and “Best Circus Trick”.

Featuring Pro-Tec riders Sam Beckett, Eduardo Damestoy, Tate Carew, Dave Allen as well as Mikey Zion O’Friel, Clay Kreiner, Jeff Hedges, Leo Ruiz, Jim Langran, Jessee Thomas and many more. Big thanks to Sean Goff for MC’ing the night.

Filmed by Tylre Wilcox and Danger Rob.

Krooked “The Mermaid” Video

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Posted on August 7, 2019