The P-Stone Fundraising Memorial Jam, Bristol (Part 02)

After battling against the typically bad British weather, we managed to get ‘third time lucky’ at the Deaner, Bristol and The P-Stone Fundraising Memorial Jam went off! Check the highlights from the event below, (and click here to watch the “rained off” first attempt).

A massive thank you to everybody who turned up from all over the UK, Out of Step, Rock Solid, Stance, Fifty Fifty and Shiner for making the event happen and especially everybody who donated money to P-Stone’s family.

R.I.P. Preston “P-Stone” Maigetter

Below are a few bonus photographs from the quarter pipe session, kindly provided by Pig Dog (known formally as Simon Pegler). Thanks for sending them over P-Dizzle!

Bumooooo – FS Grind

Dom – FS Ollie

Alun – Rock ‘N Roll

Tom Bailey – Lipslide to 5-0

Bumooooo – BS Nosegrind

Tom Bailey – BS 5-0 Layback BS Tailslide

Keen Will – Indy Air

Keen Will – Cannonball

Tom Kinman – Big FS Disaster