Real Skateboards: Keith Hufnagel

Celebrating 25 Years of HUF, Real Skateboards have uploaded Keith Hufnagel’s parts from their videos. Hufnagel possesses that pop you will envy, a savage style and his skating is sure to get hyped. If you somehow haven’t seen these parts before, make sure you watch all of them before leaving this page! We’ve added his DVS ‘Skate More’ part for good measure.

Keith Hufnagel : Roll Forever ’05

Keith Hufnagel : REAL To Reel ’01

Keith Hufnagel : Non-Fiction ’97

Keith Hufnagel : Skate More

“The first time I met Huf was in LA on a short trip filming for REAL to Reel. His skating makes you feel cool, that’s the best way I can describe it. Big pop, fast skating. Filming for REAL to Reel was rad. The team was so small at the time and filming with Wolfe and Morf was a trip. Riding for REAL back then was awesome. Mickey was still TM at that time so trips were pretty crazy. I was also so young and timid at that time. I still look back and trip out on how lucky I am.” JT Aultz