Independent Trucks: Best of 2018

Wes Kremer, Leo Romero, Lizzie Armanto, CJ Collins, Erick Winkowski, Tiago Lemos, Kader Sylla, Ray Barbee, the list goes on… 2018 was a heavy year for the Independent Trucks team. From Detroit to Australia, follow Milton Martinez, Pedro Delfino, Tristan Funkhouser, Kevin Baekkel, Blake Carpenter, Ryan Townely, Lacey Baker, Nicole Hause, Brighton Zeuner, Tristan Rennie, Cole Wilson, Wilson Kimbel, Lance Mountain, Peter Hewitt, Taylor Kirby, Ben Raybourn and more on their 2018 skateboarding journey. Here’s the best of the best in 2018 from Independent Trucks. Enjoy! Filmed and edited by TJ Gaskill, Dan Stolling, Cody Long, Joe Perrin, Tylre Wilcox, Gavin Denike, DAF Noah, Peacock, Rhino and more!

Tiago Lemos’ Indy Part 0:00 – 2:16
Tristan Rennie’s RAW Ams 2:17 – 5:39
Ray Barbee’s Indy Collection 5:40 – 10:09
Erick Winkowski’s Indy Part 10:10 – 13:54
Mud Sweatin’ Beers 13:55 – 21:22
Pedal To The Metal 21:23 – 44:30
Gotta Pray To Play 44:31- 53:38
Kader Sylla’s My Indy’s 53:39 – 55:08
CJ Collins’ RAW Ams 55:09 – 58:35
The Kids Are Alright 58:36 – 1:00:47
Please Don’t Grab My Boob 1:00:48 – 1:09:08
No Meat Pies, No Glory 1:09:09 – 1:18:39

Krooked “The Mermaid” Video

Krooked have released a new edit featuring some new clips, forgotten clips and everything in between. Check out some of the Krooked squad’s footage. Read more
Posted on August 7, 2019