Alien Workshop Video History: Timecode

The imminent return of one of skateboarding’s most historically rich and beloved companies Alien Workshop is upon us! Hardware is expected to be on sale in the UK this week and in celebration of this re-emergence we will be looking at a selection of parts from four of Alien’s most iconic videos; first up is “Timecode”!

Timecode was released in 1997 featuring Fred Gall, Josh Kalis and Lenny Kirk as the three new editions to the ranks. Gall turned pro for AWS at the age of 15 and this was his first professional part for the Ohio based company. Sabbath, raw New York and Jersey street footage… what’s not to love?!

After leaving Toy Machine, Josh Kalis’ joined AWS and stayed with the company for a further 10 years. This was his first part for the ‘Sect and the stylish Philly local laid down all kinds of belters.

Lennie Kirk’s first (and last) part has become as legendary for the incredible skateboarding as it has for the stories about the man himself. Head injuries, ensuing mental problems, drugs, street preaching and mugging still provoke conversations 18 years on and the fact this part gets reposted on skateboard websites every other month speaks volumes. Lenny is a one off, a sad story and an amazing skateboarder.

Check back tomorrow for our favourite video parts from Alien Workshop’s masterpiece, Photosynthesis.