Alien Workshop Video History: Mind Field

Over the course of four years, Alien Workshop worked on filming their fourth production ‘Mind Field’. With new additions to the team such as Jake Johnson and Arto Saari, this video was filled with raw talent and eclectic personalities making the resulting video a classic. Director Greg Hunt captured the creativity Alien Workshop had become synonymous with perfectly by combining altered vivid imagery with a solid soundtrack and infusing it within each part. Picking parts for this piece on one of skateboarding’s finest videos from the late ‘Noughties has been nothing short of difficult, but here are the three sections we feel represent the video perfectly.

After being persuaded by Jason Dill to join the Alien Workshop team over Stereo, there was eager anticipation to see what a young Jake Johnson was going to deliver for Mind Field; he didn’t disappoint. Johnson destroyed the grittiest and rawest spots throughout New York and established himself as a young prospect every skater would listen out for in the years to come.

Arto Saari’s debut section for Alien Workshop was something special; double kinked handrails, ridiculous amounts of stairs and everything else you would expect from this shredder! It seems all to easy for the Finnish skater in this as he cruises gnarly spots with relative ease and nails everything solidly!

There could only be one finishing part to this video, and it had to be Heath Kirchart. He always churned out banging parts year after year and Mind Field was no different. Unfazed by stupidly big gaps, or the motorbikes that he had to skitch to gain the speed to make the gaps, made for an incredibly gnarly section.

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