Bones Wheels: That’s A Beer UK Tour 2016 – C-Sides

If you like your rough cuts ‘rough’, it gets no rougher than this. After putting together the Bones Wheels’ “That’s A Beer” B-Sides edit, we looked through all the leftovers and the iPhone folder finding plenty more gold. You could call this a C-Sides cut… so we’ll go with that. Skateparks, tour van laughs, Funeral French, The Dustbowl (R.I.P.), fights in Nottingham and clubbing. It has it all! If you haven’t seen our B-Sides edit and iPhone photo gallery, click here and give it a watch now.


PLG’s “Decades” Part

Forever prominent in the vert skateboarding scene, notching up countless competition successes and banging out part after part, Pierre-Luc truly is an ATG. Read more
Posted on April 27, 2017