Photo Gallery: State Footwear’s “Free” & TWS’ “Riddles In Mathematics” Premiere – Bristol

Last night at the Old England Pub in Bristol, we hosted back to back premieres for State Footwear’s “Free” promo and TransWorld’s “Riddles In Mathematics”. The pressure is always on when a company releases its first video and State Footwear’s team did not disappoint! Everything from the skateboarding down to the filming and animation was on point and it makes a great watch. If you haven’t see it yet, click here to be redirected and check it out now!

With everyone hyped from the State video, the TransWorld video seamlessly followed with Ben Gore picking up first part! With full parts from the likes of Yaje Popson, Bobby Worrest, Stevie Perez, Bobby de Keyzer and Leo Valls, this is one you need to check out as well.

Big shout out to everybody who showed yesterday and made it the great night it was! Here are some photographs courtesy of our surfing lensman Nic Chappell.


The Raffle Prizes

DSCF2899 DSCF2953



Raffle Time! (Even if it does look like Alan is reading a book.)


BLK picked up a free t-shirt and his 7th copy of James Harris’ “Little Paradise Video”


The Big Prize Winner!

LB State Footwear