State Footwear’s “Free” and TransWorld’s “Riddles In Mathematics” European Premiere Information

Across Europe this Thursday and Friday (16/03/17 or 17/03/17), numerous cities across Europe will be premiering the State Footwear promo “Free”, as well as TransWorld SKATEboarding’s “Riddles In Mathematics” video! Below you will find a list of confirmed venues, so check out which one is closest to you!


Belgium – Friday 17th March

One Love, Antwerp.

Denmark – Friday 17th March

Streetmachine, Copenhagen.
Wall Street, Svendborg.

Finland – Friday 17th March

Ponkes Forum, Helsinki
Real Deal, Oulu

Germany – Friday 17th March

Club Travolta, Berlin.

Netherlands – Friday 17th March

Revert95, Haarlem.
Rodolfo’s Skateshop, Amsterdam.

Portugal – Friday 17th March

Bana Store, Paredes Cascais.
Collective Trofa, Trofa.
Goodtimes Skate, Lagos.
Circuito Regional de Skate, Olhão.

Spain – Friday 17th March

Roll and Roll, Mallorca.

Sweden – Friday 17th March

Streetlab, Malmö

United Kingdom – Thursday 16th March

Black Sheep Store, Manchester.
Bonafide Supply Store, Ilkeston.
Cardiff Skateboard Club, Cardiff.
Drug Store, Norwich.
Loko Skate Supply, Belfast.
NOTE Shop, Manchester.
Mono Bar presented by Splendid Eye Torture, Falmouth.
The Old England Pub, Bristol.
Smash Skates, Suffolk.

This list will continually get updated as we receive more confirmations.


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