Pixels Exclusive: In Crust We Trust – Jack Richards

We have one more exclusive part from Matt Hunt’s quality southern scene video “In Crust We Trust” and that part is Jack Richards’! Jack crushes everything in his path with a mixed bag of tricks and doesn’t shy away from the sketchiest skate spots. With a strong Inward Heel game to boot, this part is thoroughly enjoyable.

Everything about this video is rad! From the high standard of skateboarding to the visually aesthetic spots, Matt Hunt and everyone involved have made a video to be proud of! Limited copies are still available in shops, so if you want to get hold of one then you’d better act quickly!


PLG’s “Decades” Part

Forever prominent in the vert skateboarding scene, notching up countless competition successes and banging out part after part, Pierre-Luc truly is an ATG. Read more
Posted on April 27, 2017